R1-2030K/55V: EasyRoute -Express 380V High Z-300mm 2050x3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router, 5.5kW High-Torque Water-Cooled Spindle & Stepper Motors,, 7.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

AM.CO.ZA® EasyRoute™-Express 380V High Z-300mm 2050×3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with 5.5kW High-Torque Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motors, with 7.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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Introducing the AM.CO.ZAEasyRoute-Express CNC router, the cost-effective machine for all your cutting, carving, and engraving needs. With a large working area of 2050x3050mm and a maximum cutting depth of 300mm, this router is perfect for use with PVC and other clampable materials. Powered by a 5.5kW high-torque water-cooled spindle and stepper motors, this machine is precise and reliable for all your projects. The included 7.5kW liquid ring vacuum pump ensures your materials stay securely in place during the cutting process. Upgrade your production capabilities with the AM.CO.ZAEasyRoute-Express.

Rugged Keypad Against Water, Oil, Dust and Collision, Cheap and Easy to Replace If Damaged
Maximum 20 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on X/Y Axis, With Factory Default on 12 Meters/Min
High-Load, High-Speed Caged Ball Screw Transmission System on Z Axis
Accept All Kinds of G-Code File (*.g;*.nc;*.ug;*.demo;*.iso;*.eng;*.cut;*.dxf;*.plt;*.txt) by USB Flush Drive, G-Code File Size Up to 256M
Chiller Water Tank Capacity 9L, Purified Water Required (Not Supplied), Replace Monthly Suggested
High Precision Rack and Pinion System with Helical Teeth Driving System on X and Y Axis
Achieve Under 0.5mm Per Meter Accuracy and Repeatability on All Axis
Total Four Stepper Motors on All Axis, Two Stepper Motors on Y-Axis
Maximum 5 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on Z Axis, With Factory Default on 3 Meters/Min
Achieve 0.01mm Resolution on All Axis
With Standalone AM.CO.ZA® EasyRoute Control System, No Computer Needed, Stable System Suitable for Industrial Usage
DSP Controller use ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz CPU with 512MB Internal Cache and 512MB Flush Memory for Storage
Clampable Vacuum Table Surface Made By PVC with Aluminium Clamping T-Slots Build In
Working Area 2050×3050×300mm on X/Y/Z, the Area Spindle Can Reach
Z-Axis Setter/Presetter Included, Automatic Measure Tool Length and Establish 0 Reference Point
Linear Guide Rail in Twin Parallels Structure and Two Roller Bearing Sliders on Each Rail Guide X/Y/Z Movement
Water-Cooled Chiller Uses Single Phase 220V Household Power, No AC Power Plug Included
Use Industrial 380V 3-Phase Electricity, 5 Pin 32A Plug with 4mm² Cable Required and Not Included
Water-Cooled Chiller Radiating capacity 50W/°C with Energy Saving, Long Working Life Deisng
Water Chiller Maximum Pump Flow Rate 10L/min and Maximum Pump Lift 10 Metres Distance
With Rotary Attachment Supporting Interface and can Switch between Rotary Rotating and X-Axis Linear Movement
Working Area Specially Enlarged for South African Market that Offers 2050mm Width for Perspex
7.5kW 380V Motor with RPM 1440 for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Provide 0.097 MPa Vacuum Level on 10 L/min Fluid Flow Rate and 4.66 M3/min Air Flow Rate. Just Very Noisy 69dB.
With 125mm Diameter 5.5kW High-Torque Water-Cooled Spindle on 7.5kW Inverter for Maximum 24000RPM with ER25 Collet Size
We provide limited product warranty on the parts of the machine, and for such periods, as set out below, as well as the relevant subsystem to such parts. The quality warranty is intended to cover, and is accordingly limited to, defects arising due to faulty materials or poor craftsmanship in relation to production and manufacture of the machine. We shall not be responsible for common wear and tear nor misuse of the machine or relevant parts.
    Some items within your purchase come with different warranty terms and period:

The spindle is required to be replaced when replacing/servicing the bearing time by time. This has to be done once a year for normal, general use, but more frequently for heavy usage. Currently, spindle services and bearing replacement procedures are outsourced and may therefore require longer to service. However, during the bearing replacement/spindle service procedure, we will always have preconditioned spindle ready for you while your spindle is serviced. Your first spindle service is free within electronic components warranty period.

This router is designed strong enough to to cut and engrave on solid aluminum plate, copper and other soft metal, including on any other materials softer than soft metal. This machine is not designed to cut and engrave on steel, stainless steel etc. For thin steel plate cutting requirements, written consent from management is required for quality warranty.

By their very nature the machine(s) require regular servicing and maintenance. We therefore provide a mandatory Service Schedule in respect of each machine, which Service Schedule sets out the intervals in which the machine is to be serviced. Our Service offering, which is undertaken at your cost, includes standard cleaning, checking and calibration, as well as common wear and tear replacement, as may be necessary. Should you fail to adhere to the terms of the machine’s Service Schedule and/or not service your machine within the mandatory service intervals, then the Product Warranty shall automatically lapse and we shall no longer be responsible for the service of the machine(s), unless we otherwise agree to service the machine pre agreed cost, and provided that such ad hoc or sporadic service to the machine shall not be regarded as having revived the Product Warranty insofar as the Product Warranty may have lapsed by virtue of the failure to adhere to the Service Schedule.

A Call-out refers to any time a technician provides a service at your premises. Unless the call-out is covered by any of the above plans or arranged by the management, a call-out fee will be charged. At the time of this quotation, one technician for one day is R 1 499.00 for weekdays, R 4 995.00 for Saturdays and R 9 995.00 for Sundays or Public Holidays.In addition to the call-out charge, travel costs to your premises as well as accommodation if necessary are on your account. We prefer that you arrange that the technician picked up and sent back. If you would like us to travel to you, the current rate is R 9.95/km multiplied by the driving distance between our branch and your premises. Those charges may change time by time without notice, so kindly enquire about call-out and travel costs beforehand. Barring work to be undertaking under the Product Warranty, any maintenance (whether in accordance with the Service Schedule or otherwise), repair or part replacement (whether hardware or software) will be affected at our earliest availability on a first come first serve booking basis, subject to the availability of parts (given the age of the machine) and provided that you have accepted our quotation for such maintenance, repair or part replacement services.

We try our best to keep services, service plans or maintenance plans accompanying our machines free of charge. However, in cases where we cannot obtain free access to the machine or parts we need to service, or where travel costs were not paid for such service, or any other relevant reasons, we reserve the rights to waive the free service we provide on temporary or permanent grounds. Once the service has been withdrawn, the only support available to you will be our Knowledge Base found at and Technical Videos on

If at any time you would like to ensure that your machine is set to function optimally, or you simply want our technician to inspect your machine then you are welcome to call us and make a booking for Check-up Callout and one of our technicians will come out to you, at the cost of travel and reduced or waived standard call-out cost. Our technician will be able to advise whether the machine is functioning optimally or whether additional service, repair or part replacements are, or may be, needed. Unfortunately, no repair or intense labour work will be carried within our Check-up Callout, but a booking can be made for such maintenance or repair work to be carried out at our earliest availability.

We offer basic and/or comprehensive training courses through our training facility for all machines we sell. First basic entry course is included in your machine purchase; more advanced training can be obtained after the basic course has been passed.

All our mainline of machines are sold with a unique barcode. You will therefore always be able to check the machine’s warranty information and service history on our website or mobile app – in any way and at any time. We honour our machines’ warranty and service by using the barcode. This ensures your maximum convenience on both the maintenance and resell of your machinery.

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