Direct-to-film. The best way to print fabric and garments

DTF is the exciting technique that has taken the garment printing world by storm. Its is quicker, more accurate, repeatable and cost efficient. On this site we curate all of the best Direct-to-film products, support, training and inspiration in one convenient location.

Direct-to-Film Printing. The Pinnacle of efficiency

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Quick start your printing business Today with DTF

The demand for printed fabrics, garments and apparel, are at an all time high. This printed and branded-goods market is showing no sign of decline. In fact, with so many new post-pandemic small businesses being started, the opportunities are endless.

Direct-to-Film printing is basically where a design or image is printed to a receptor film sheet and then transferred with heat and pressure fabric. Quick. simple. clean.

With this demand, comes the need to deliver more versatile cost effective projects, with shorter turnarounds with more accuracy and consistency. The Direct-to-Film technique lends itself to all these requirements with a much smaller setup cost. You can simply repurpose an Epson ecotank home/office printer*, and by using the Direct-to-film Ink, Direct-to-film Adhesive Powder, Direct-to-film Film Sheets a heat-press start the next creative t-shirt empire or branded-garment empire.

Wide Range of Fabric

DTF can be applied to polyfabrics and cotton or cotton-blend materials.

Consistent & Repeatable

The quality which can be achieved is of the highest standard with unmatched.

Convenient & Scalable

DTF caters to both once-offs / on-demand jobs, and jobs runs that run multiples items.

Dark / Black Fabrics

The Direct-to-film technique can be applied to dark and black fabrics. No Sweat.

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Direct-to-What? Key differences to other processes

Direct-to-FILM (Starter)

The direct-to-film-process is basically – using a DTF-ink capable printer to print DTF Inks to a special DTF Film; then applying DTF adhesive powder to film and then with the help of a Heat-press,  transferring the design to fabrics and garments


direct to Film Direct to roll
Exactly the same process as the “direct-to-film starter” process, but with the use of specialised large format printer and unique large roller heat press – scaling your output volume and cost efficiency is greatly improved.

Sublimation Printing

The dye sublimation process  uses the system of applying the print to wax-based receptor sheet and then through the use of heat and pressure transferring the ink to the fabric. Ofter used in applications where the entire sheet of fabric has to be printed.


Direct to garment
DTG is the process where ia specialised dedicated printer is used to directly print to fabric or a garment. Initially the preferred process, but the prohibitive cost of dedicated printers, with low output volume- helped the rise Direct-to-film.

Shop our range of Direct-to-film Inks & consumables

Visit, to see our exciting range of Direct-to-Film Films & Powders, Printers & Inks.

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® RIP Software v11 now available

RIP Software designed for use with Epson based DTG, DTF & UV Printers.  v11 Features | v11 Release Info

Recommended DTF Printers

We recommendation one of two areas of DTF Printers, a) those getting started with Direct-to-Film Printing  (Home /office printer) and b) Large Format Printers those ready to run bigger more efficient productions 

HOME / Office EPSON Printers

The RIP Software: AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® , has made it possible for select Epson Ecotank Home/ office Printers to be used for Direct-to-Film Printing. This has lowered the barrier to entry in to Fabric and Garment printing industry.Epson Ecotank

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® leverages the unique Zero heat printing technology found in Epson Printers’ printheads. This revolutionary technology bundled with refillable ecotanks for inks make these a prime Direct-to-film starting point.

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® also enables colour channel override and configuration with allows for setting up white ink prints for darker fabrics.

acrorip site Screen shotsTo get an Idea of what Printers are supported by AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® please visit the supported printer page on

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Shop our range of Direct-to-film Inks & consumables

Visit, to see our exciting range of Direct-to-Film Films & Powders, Printers & Inks.

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