F-DTF/600: 600mm Dual XP6000 Printhead DTF Printer with CMYK/W Tanks and White Ink Circulation Barebone Unit in Crated Box

600mm Printing Area DTF Printer Dual Printhead with CMYK/White Tanks and White Ink Circulation Barebone Unit, No Printheads, No Software

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Introducing our revolutionary 600mm Printing Area DTF Printer Dual Printhead with CMYK/White Tanks and White Ink Circulation Barebone Unit, the ultimate printing solution for all your needs! This high-performance printer offers exceptional printing quality combined with a wide range of features, making it perfect for professionals, hobbyists, and much more. Featuring advanced technology and a large printing area of 600mm, the DTF printer offers incredible precision and sharpness, allowing you to print high-quality images with ease. With dual printhead technology, you can print faster and more efficiently, reducing your printing time and increasing productivity. Moreover, the printer comes with CMYK/White tanks and white inkcirculation, enabling you to print on a range of materials, including dark-colored or transparent surfaces. Additionally, our barebone unit offers complete flexibility, allowing you to customize your printer by using your desired printheads and software. In conclusion, our 600mm Printing Area DTF Printer Dual Printhead with CMYK/White Tanks and White Ink Circulation Barebone Unit is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile, and efficient printing solution. Get your hands on this revolutionary printer today and start printing the way you want!

Design for DTF (Direct-to-Film) Ink Printing, with White Ink Stir and Circulation to Avoid Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Pigment Settlement
Use Household 220V Electricity, Stand-by Power Consumption 32W and Maximum Power Consumption 500W
Connect to Computer by 100M Network Cable for Fast and Stable Printing Process
Bi-Directional Printing Enabled, Printing Speed on 4 Pass Draft Mode is ~11m2/h
Printing Speed on 6 Pass Production Mode is ~8m2/h
Printing Speed on 8 Pass Quality Mode is ~5m2/h
700mm Rolled Media Feeding Width, 600mm Printing Area
Automatic Lifting Printhead Ink Capping System, Easy Alignment and Better Printhead Seal Protection
No Printhead, No RIP Software and No Ink Included in Barebone Unit Package
Automatic Printhead Cleaning Functions Included, Anti Ink-Blocking, Auto Flash and Moisturising
Negative Pressure Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), also Call Bulk Ink System

We offer free installation and on-site training with the purchase of this machine, therefore travel and call-out costs may apply. The machine will be delivered via freight company before one of our technician’s arrive after you made booking. We have videos to power you through the installation process and what is needed for you to speed up the installation process. If you encounter any difficulties you can check more videos on www.SortIT.co.za. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales or support team on 076 666 6655.

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Printhead is a consumable with limited lifespan. Printhead generally gets clogged and blocked very often even with automatic cleaning system and very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Extensive care is required to maintain the printhead in printable condition — which means partial clog will accrue during usage even manual clean process been taken. We will train our clients how to take care the printhead during installation of our own printers. For printhead purchase for 3rd party machines, we will not perform installation.

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